The North, The South, THE East and THE west


“In many shamanic traditions, optimum health is considered to be the equal expression of these archetypes. Indigenous peoples consider it vitally important to be balanced in all four areas: leading, healing, visioning, and teaching. For most people, however, this balance is far from reality.”
—Angeles Arrien

In her seminal book, The Four-Fold Way, Angeles Arrien provides an ancient, cross-cultural map for living a healthy, balanced life. She identifies four archetypes: the Leader, Healer, Visionary and Teacher. Each archetype corresponds to a cardinal direction. Each direction contains a set of practices synthesized from worldwide shamanic traditions.

The Four Directions programs are intended to deepen our knowledge, and application of these practices. Whether you are new to this work or a returning student, the programs are designed to support deep personal congruence and greater harmony with others and our world.

Patrick O’Neill is a management consultant and teacher with an international client base. He taught with Angeles Arrien for twenty years and is committed to carrying on the work that Angeles pioneered.



what Patrick’s work means to his clients and students

“I have been accomplishing goals that I didn’t even know that I had and making progress on so many levels, personal growth, professional, health and wellness that sometimes I have to just sit and marvel about how exciting it all is!! I feel like at 52 years old, I am getting a whole new life!  


“My sessions with Patrick are a place where I can get feedback that I respect and value. I have gained greater self-confidence and I’m more willing to have a conversation that in the past I would have deemed too difficult. Patrick encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone and to explore ideas and dreams that excite me and move me – to explore possibilities and to have fun. All of which has strengthened me physically, mentally and spiritually.”  


“My work with Patrick has exponentially expanded how I think of myself and my capabilities. His laser-like focus on my goals, unrelenting commitment to my success, compassionate presence, and wicked sense of humor are an indomitable combination. Patrick O’Neill is the ninja of mentors.”