A weekend program exploring the themes of trust, letting go of the past, and opening to your preferred future. 

Autumn is the season associated with trust and letting go. This is the time of year where we practice being open, not attached, to outcome.

Trust can be defined as an unshakeable belief in your own inner Leader, Healer, Visionary and Teacher. 

When you trust yourself, you are more able to align with your personal Destiny. 

This state of deep inner congruence helps us overcome the fears and pain that inhibits our journey on the path of heart and meaning. 

Change, a constant presence in our lives, becomes something to be trusted not feared and resisted.

In this two-day program we will use a variety of means to bridge the two worlds: including journaling, stories, meditation, music, shamanic journeywork and ceremony. 

  • What blocks must I release in order to “get out of my own way”? 
  • What requires opening, strengthening, deepening or softening in my nature? 
  • What inner resources do I possess to support my intentions? 
  • What are circumstances and events from the past that continue to haunt your life? 
  • What if you could let go and get free? 
  • Who would you be? What would you do?

Program Fee: $425 US