September 22/23, 2018 – Dominican University, San Rafael, California

The West is devoted to loving detachment and gathering wisdom. To do this we must become comfortable with uncertainty and learn to trust. The West is associated with shedding that which we have outgrown. 

The West teaches us about letting go of fixed perspectives, judgment and controlling behaviors that are barriers to wisdom. We become more flexible and fluid when we are open to outcome. Here we can listen to our own inner guidance in the stillness of the quiet mind. Clarity, objectivity and discernment grow as a result.

The Nature Vigil experience and learning will continue to be integrated in the weekend work of the West. We will work with the guidance that has come from deep meditation on the land. What is the self-work I was encouraged to pursue? What is my intimacy or 1:1 work at this time? What is the group work that would benefit others and me?