Vision Quest is an ancient, cross-cultural practice associated with the East, The Way of the Visionary. For almost thirty years, we have offered an opportunity to spend time on the land – to fast, meditate, pray and envision a path with heart and meaning.

Many of you have expressed to me how transformational the Vision Quest has been in your life. This year, we are very pleased to offer a Vision Quest experience during the third gathering of our four-session program. 

Our experienced staff has supported over 10,000 people – many of whom have never camped overnight – to have a safe and meaningful time on the land.

Because the Vision Quest experience requires preparation and integration afterwards this series requires your attendance at all four programs.

In the past we have accepted Four Directions program participants for single sessions. This year because of the intensive nature of the Vision Quest experience we will be accepting only those who can commit to the full series. Preparing you for your time on the land and helping you integrate your experience is time-intensive. 

Even if you are an experienced camper or Vision Quester, careful preparation is required to ensure a safe, deep and meaningful experience. Vision Quest is a paradox: you must do it alone; you must do it in community. Therefore we are obliged to ensure we are ready personally and collectively for our time on the land. This encourages respect for self, others and the land.

Program Fee: $1,799 US

Receive a $100 discount if you register before December 1, 2015.  
Installment payment options are also available.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us.