June 11-14 – The Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, California

The East is devoted to vision and our life dream. This is the home of the authentic self, of truth telling without blame and our gifts and talents. Summer is the time for dismantling the false-self system and of releasing patterns of indulgence and denial. 

The East supports us to drop fixed perspectives and open to expanded vision.

This is the Vision Quest period. It is a four-day experience that includes two days and two nights supervised camping on the land. 

Self-care and personal safety is the order of the day. Meals are provided on Day One and Day Four. 

While camping on the land many of our participants fast and fasting solution is provided to support you. Some participants bring light snacks to supplement their fast. 

Modified Vision Quest, where participants can spend their retreat time in a Conference Center room, is also available.