The Teacher’s Way begins with apprenticeship. As an apprentice to Wisdom, we are asked to grow past our comfortable certainties and into the next expression of personal excellence.

Angeles Arrien reminded us there are always two plans for every day – our plan and the Mystery’s plan. To be good apprentices, we must learn to trust the Mystery’s plan.

Clarity, objectivity, discernment and detachment are the qualities we cultivate in order to support the growth of Wisdom in our lives.

Trust is the crucible in which these qualities grow. There are three assemblage points of trust – self, relationship and unfolding circumstances.

Uncertainty, the state of the world around us, is the classroom in which the challenges and lessons that lead to Wisdom emerge. 

Please join us for this intensive two-day program. We will use a variety of means to strengthen our ability to be open to outcome, including journaling, stories, meditation, music, mentoring and shamanic journeywork and ceremony.

Program Fee: $450 US