"The universe conspires to help the dreamer." 

Sacred Intentions is an in-depth program designed to help you envision the upcoming year from a place of personal empowerment. Over three days you will have a unique opportunity to identify what has heart and meaning personally, in your work, relationships, and community in 2017.

A Sacred Intention is one you make with your whole being - mind, body and spirit. It is a means of infusing our intentions and actions with Spirit. In doing so, we free ourselves from the gravity of the status quo to pursue a more meaningful life, a life of greater service to ourselves, our loved ones and the world around us. This program will feature four areas of practices: 

  • Personal Preparation - How do I prepare the mind, heart, will and creative fire to support manifesting my Sacred Intention? What blocks must I release in order to "get out of my own way"? What requires opening, strengthening, deepening or softening in my nature? What inner resources do I possess to support my intentions? How can I accelerate my Sacred Intention this next year?
  • Articulating Sacred Intention - Words have power. The ability to articulate a Sacred Intention begins the process of manifestation. The word articulation literally means "to bridge". That bridge is a passageway from the concerns of the present to the opportunities of the future. We will explore how our words can be a sacred vocabulary. 


  • Giving Your Word - Making an intention sacred requires commitment. It is not enough to just to say the words. We must commit ourselves body and soul to carrying it out. In ceremony, you will have an opportunity to invoke sacred intention through the power of declaration - giving your word. As Angeles Arrien declared: "What we witness we are changed by. When we are witnessed we cannot go back to the old ways."
  • Planning Your Journey - Building a plan of action is the fourth practice. A promise without a plan is like a destination without a means of transport to get there. What steps will you take short, medium and longer term? What help will you need and from whom? How will you hold yourself accountable? How will you reward yourself for keeping your word?