What do you know in your bones?

The word hallow means "a holy time." Halloween is a thin place in the year, a holy time, where two worlds meet - the Everyday World and The Shimmering World. 

Cross culturally this has been seen as an auspicious time of year to honor the ancestors and ask for their guidance and help in our lives.

This practice of working with the Ancestors and other helping allies is common to traditions as diverse as the Celts, Basque, Finno-Urgic, Mongolian, Mexican, Native American and African indigenous cultures to name a few. 

Even Christianity honors the Saints and asks for their intercessions in daily life. Ever ask St. Anthony for help in locating your car keys? 

In this two-day program we will use a variety of means to bridge the two worlds: including journaling, stories, meditation, music, shamanic journeywork and ceremony. 

Costume is optional...